Wild Highlands Coffee and NOW Cup Bundle – Save 25%

Save 25% off Wild Highlands awesome Circular & Co NOW Cup when bought with one or two 500g bags of Coffee of your choice.

To aid the transition of reusables into everyday life, Circular and Co have developed the cost-effective NOW Cup, made from single-use paper cups. Designed for 5 years use, the NOW Cup is designed to replace the familiar paper takeaway cup for hot drinks on the go. Dishwasher safe, with a traditional snap fit lid and insulated body, in true Circular style the NOW cup is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. Step into circularity NOW  because The Time is NOW.

  • Made from recycled single-use paper cups and designed for 5 years use;
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life;
  • Insulated to keep your hands protected and your drink warm;
  • A familiar cup design, with a durable snap fit lid.
  • BPA & melamine free;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • 12oz / 340ml – H 150mm (with lid) / H 133mm (without)
  • Base diameter: 64mm;
  • Lid diameter: 88mm;
  • Suitable for most car cup holders & coffee machines.

Every purchase of a Circular & Co. Reusable Coffee Cup funds a sustainable solution to global waste.

From: £ 14.92

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Wild Highlands 12Oz Circular NOW Cup

Wild Highlands branded Circular NOW Cups are the world’s first reusable coffee cups, made from recycled single-use paper cups.


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