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Gràdh A-muigh

Translated as ‘Love the Outdoors’ – this is our motto at Wild Highlands Our range of highly functional outdoor products includes clothing and accessories which have been designed to make your outdoors experience more comfortable whilst fully respecting nature and the environment

Adventure at your own pace

At Wild Highlands we are utterly passionate about the outdoors and we started our business to share this joy as widely as possible. We believe that even the smallest of walks can be an adventure with the opportunity to stretch your legs, commune with nature, and breathe-in the fresh air. We have created a unique and focused product line which will enhance your outdoors experience, and is guaranteed to be kind to the creatures and plants that you meet on your travels. We want everyone, everywhere to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!

Quality Outdoors Equipment for walkers and hikers

Superior quality products and accessories

Our outdoor product range has everything that you need to venture into the great outdoors in comfort and style. Our bespoke range of outdoor clothing is suitable for any activity from a light stroll to serious hiking and trail running. Our accessories include hygiene products and feature our ever popular ‘Pits and Bits’ wipes and body washes, as well as highly effective midge protection remedies – the bane of many a walker’s existence. We also offer a range of head protection accessories which keep you warm and protected on your hike or camping trip.  We are very proud that all of our products are kind to nature and the environment, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t include a little luxury where we can!

Quality Outdoors Equipment which is durable and reliable


We have selected our outdoors products with a number of important aims and we never compromise:


We only stock the best possible quality from manufacturers who we trust.


If you are venturing into harsh environments you need clothing and accessories which will last and do their jobs without the nagging worry that they might let you down.


All of our outdoor range has been exhaustively tested in the Scottish hills and at a number of ultra events.


Where possible we strive to cut out plastics and any materials which aren’t recyclable.  

Quality Outdoors Equipment selected and packaged in Scotland shop the range

Featured Products

Quality Outdoors Equipment including our own specialist brands

All of our products have been designed to make life in the wilds just that little bit easier. One of our personal favourites is our highly comfortable head and neck tube, which has the versatility to keep your head and neck warm in the winter OR protect you from the sun and keep sweat out of your eyes when it is warm. It can even be used as a wrist band or a wipe! Regular walkers and hikers also rely on our dependable survival kits, which we urge you to carry with you on your amble or a meander at all times. Designed to be lightweight and portable and to offer protection from midges and other unplanned eventualities – we’ve got you covered! Visit our shop to see our full outdoors product range today.

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Quality Outdoors Equipment to enhance your walk or hike

Although we thoroughly test all of our product range locally here in Scotland, every item is available to be delivered anywhere in the UK, wherever you may choose to roam. We offer next day delivery on request and all orders are sent by first class post or courier depending on the size of your order. We are planning to offer local deliveries and pick up points in and around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs where we are based – please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions about our products or ethos.    

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