Conic Hill 10k Loop

Following on from our awesome newly discovered 5k loop of our local hill, this loop starts to stretch out the legs over a longer distance. This is a proper loop of the hill with an awesome run down the other side.

The starting point for this run is the local primary school car park in Milton of Buchanan (after hours only, otherwise park on the street).

The initial 2k to Balmaha is the worst part of this run, all on tarmac but proves to be a good warm up for the legs before heading up the hill.

Basically its then just a case of following the path up and over the hill, back to the car.

On this run we decided against going slightly off course to get to the summit but doing that is always an option to get in some extra elevation on this run if you’re up for it.

The run down the back of the hill is our favourite part as it’s fast and free-flowing. The elevation is not over, when you get the bottom there is some more gentle elevation before the final downhill section back to the car.

Stay tuned for the next instalment when we up the distance to 15k+ starting from Drymen ;o)

Conic Hill 10k Loop

Steps on the way down

…..Leading to the bridge

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