Wild Highlands Coffee


Translated from the Gaelic this means ‘Love Coffee’ and with the choice of quality and bespoke coffee blends selected by Wild Highlands we really do!


What better smell is there than a pot of freshly brewed coffee? Our own ‘Moorag’ absolutely loves her coffee and so do we! Our Wild Highlands coffee is specially roasted in Scotland and best enjoyed before, during or after a long hike or run, snuggled up beside a roaring fireplace or when out camping in the wild. Whatever your taste or preference – we have the right choice of rich and delicious coffee for you.

To create the finest and most delightfully drinkable coffee you need to start with the very best beans, which you treat with extreme care and attention during the production process. At Wild Highlands our selection of coffees is exactly what we love to drink ourselves, and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers exceptional quality but at a highly competitive price. We carefully roast all of our coffee beans locally in Scotland and our fresh coffee is packaged with the utmost care to ensure that it is delivered direct to you without spoiling any of its unique and tempting flavour.

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Our selection of coffees are carefully hand roasted to traditional methods locally in Scotland. Our Coffee is packaged as soon as it is roasted ensuring maximum freshness. Inspired by the range of MacMillan tartans we’ve carefully selected three individual and distinctive blends, each for their unique character and flavour. The MacMillan tartan has its own rich history and is the family tartan of the Wild Highlands family.


Packed full of flavour – ideal for those that like their coffee a bit milder than usual, but full of taste. A single origin 100% Arabica, our Modern Single Origin has a distinctive lemony and butterscotch finish with medium acidity.




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A delicious blend of quality Arabica coffee, roasted to a dark chocolate colour. As we are never shy of a challenge, this blend is hand-picked from two quality Arabica beans, and slowly roasted to achieve a coffee which is dark, rich, and highly fragrant; a strong intense flavour which is perfect served as a latte.



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A lusciously smooth blended coffee with an intense chocolatey flavour. This wonderful coffee has bags of character, style and panache. Perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day, or night.





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Full of flavour - Wild highlands coffee

There are many potential health benefits which have been associated with drinking coffee including protection against a number of serious diseases, and even cancer, as well as promoting a healthy heart. In our view the unarguable life-enhancing benefit of coffee is that it tastes great, so what’s better than a warm and tasty quality blend to lift the spirits on the gloomiest or wettest of days? Order your coffee today: Orders will be sent by mail, unless next day delivery is requested. We post first class or send buy courier (depending on the size of the order).

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Roasted in Scotland is our Wild highlands coffee

Our coffee is specially selected to complement the Wild Highlands ethos and is roasted in Scotland, a stone’s throw away from our base on Loch Lomond. We work hard at all times to promote our local community and support its economy, and to make the very best of Scotland available to our customers wherever they may be in the world. We are proud that our coffee range helps us to do this. Get in touch with us for more information.

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