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Sri Lanka 2019 – Day 2

The Great Sri Lankan Bike Tour   Bopath Ella to Adams Peak (Sri Pada) 16 Mile Cycle / 12 Mile Hike 6,500ft climb Elephant count 0.(monkeys, plenty of monkeys?, fruit-bats by the hundreds ? and one small brown snake ?) The morning view doesn’t disappoint; we have an amazing view of the Bopath Ella Falls from our hotel […]

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Sri Lanka 2019 – Day 1

This morning, in the face of some adverse weather (otherwise known as Storm Ciara), it gave us a rare moment of downtime and made us reflect on “what were we doing this time last year?” only then realising, a whole year had passed since our amazing cycle trip around Sri Lanka. It was a trip […]

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2020 January Motivations

Following a busy end to 2019, we slowly eased into 2020 with lots of plans for the year ahead. This gradual pace lasted all of two weeks and BOOM, we’re back into it! This weekend we headed to Tyndrum to support the Tyndrum24; a Scottish midwinter trail lap race organised by the very likeable Stacey & […]

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