Bees and Honey

Honey for tea!

Seilleanan mela [honey bees in the native Gaelic] are indigenous to the Trossachs where we have enjoyed this sweet and precious local produce over many centuries


Wild Highlands is delighted to offer you the finest Scottish honey from our very own hives and cosseted bees, as well as a range of bespoke beekeeping products so you can experience our passion for bee rearing for yourself. Combine this with our expanding selection of handmade beauty products, and we guarantee that your internal and external wellbeing will be given the ultimate bee-make over!

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Bees and Honey


At Wild Highlands we are passionate about bees, so we are delighted to offer you our very own sweet and luscious local honey, produced by our bees on the shores of Loch Lomond and infused with the very spirit of the Trossachs, where our industrious bees gather their pollen. Since ancient times, honey has been valued for numerous food and medicinal benefits, and is a great alternative to sugar, so what’s not to like? Both our delectable honey and all of the key ingredients in our beauty products are 100% produced by the Wild Highlands Bees, and we are extremely proud that these lovingly produced products reflect the care and attention we give to our bees. Nothing at Wild Highlands Bees is mass produced and all of our bee products are handcrafted by the very people who look after our bees.

We are experts in bees and honey. Why not try our unique Scottish honey?


Our beekeeping products have been designed using the extensive knowledge that we gained whilst rearing and taking care of bees ourselves. Our carefully collated range of well-beeing products will provide your bees with the highest standard of living to see them through the busiest of summers and the coolest of winters. We can provide everything that you need to establish your own bee family including beekeeping frames, tools and equipment. We try our very best to remove all non-recyclable materials from our products and if we wouldn’t be prepared to use any item for our Wild Highlands bees, you won’t find it on our site.

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Bees and honey products from Wild Highlands

Bees are absolutely vital to the wellbeing of the nature all around us, and as dedicated bee keepers we are completely committed to taking excellent care of these precious insects in a safe, clean and caring environment. Happy bees make the best honey so the health and contentment of the Wild Highlands bees is paramount to ensure we can all enjoy the exquisite and distinctive honey which is the product of their busy labour. Sharing the splendid environment where we are based in the Trossachs, our very own bees are located in one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles (if not the world). They are quite a source of interest in our local community and loved by our neighbours who have dedicated fields to planting wild flowers to support them. We are extremely grateful to benefit from their delectable honey, as well as the pure beeswax that we are proud to share with you in our products.



Bees and honey beekeeping and beauty products

We absolutely never compromise on quality and our bee-keeping resources are sourced to meet the very highest quality. Our honey and beauty products are only available with 100% Wild Highlands produce so once it’s gone, there is no more availability until the following season. We never mass produce our bee products for the purposes of revenue. This means that we have good years and not so good years and we share and promote the best for our bees locally. Order your honey or bee products today: All orders will be sent by mail, unless next day delivery is requested, and sent by first class post or courier (depending on the size of the order).

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